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High level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu taught by expert black belt instructors for students at every level. We provide classes for adults and mature teenagers ready to bring their jiujitsu to the next level.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Using a traditional BJJ Gi, you will incorporate various grips on both the jacket and pants. Classes are mixed levels. There are many high level belts available to help our white and blue belts advance in their training.


Our instructors have had training in both Judo and Wrestling and regularly train stand-up grappling. It is an important part of the training regimen. We implement this training in a safe environment to make sure our students learn well.

No-gi Jiujitsu

Students in No Gi jiu jitsu classes usually wear a rashguard and shorts/spats to train. No Gi jiu jitsu uses more wrestling grips and requires quick thinking.


“I’ve been training with the Nova Uniao guys for nearly 10 years now. And specifically with Nyza the last few years. He’s a great coach. He’s like a jiu jitsu library. And will always answer your questions.

The team that trains at HMC is a great group of guys (and gals). They’re all really friendly and they’re a really good jiu jitsu team.”


“I am currently visiting from the mainland and asked Jiu Jitsu Honolulu if I could train with them for the week (I am getting ready for my first tournament). Nyza was extremely welcoming. His instruction is very precise but he is incredibly patient with me, a newbie. Overall, practicing here has been an awesome experience and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity!”



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